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ATTENTION since March 2020 fraudsters are using the name Cabinet Robin Gregory to propose investments citing the name and ORIAS registration number (07002203) of our legal entity International Financial Advisers.
We offer NO direct investments.
NEVER transfer money directly to an advisor

Please provide us with full details if you receive any suspect requests - using the details on our Contact page.

ATTENTION depuis mars 2020 des fraudeurs utilisent le nom Cabinet Robin GREGORY pour proposer des investissements en citant le nom et numéro officiel ORIAS (07002203) de notre entité legale “International Financial Advisers”.
Nous ne proposons AUCUN investissement en direct.
 Ne transférez jamais de l’argent directement ŕ un conseiller.
Si vous recevez une telle proposition, merci de me le faire savoir svp avec tous les détails (voir page Contact).

Financial advice update 2009for international clients wishing to live in France

Our services include:

Financial Planning : prepare your finances now and avoid future concerns 

Global taxation : understand the rules and pay no more tax than necessary.

Intelligent investment :build a balanced and tax efficient financial & property portfolio


Example situations where we can assist:

- preparing for a move to or from France

- retiring or relocating to France

- planning & organising investments and long-term income for life in France

- reviewing and optimizing the tax you pay in France

- investing in French property for rental income or as a second home

- organising mortgages for French property

- inheritance planning, limiting the impact of the French forced inheritance rules

- helping you prepare for meetings with French notaires, banks and lawyers

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