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Financial Planning

Cabinet Gregory helps plan, organise and optimise your finances
  to enable you to achieve your personal goals
  within the constraints and opportunities of French tax & investments

We take a simple three step approach :

1. Analysis
  • Define personal goals : including timing and location
  • Review current incomes & assets
  • Estimate relevant  worldwide taxes
  • Prepare cash-flow forecasts to clarify how goals could be achieved
2. Identification of potential improvements
  • Review net return after taxes on worldwide property & financial investments
  • Identify options to reduce tax on income, capital gains, wealth & inheritance
  • Evaluate potential structures such as SCI property holding companies (sociétés civiles immobilières) and  Assurance Vie financial wrappers
  • Calculate potential financial savings for each option 
3. Implemention of recommendations
  • Prepare simple short- and mid-term financial action plans
  • Assist in implementing appropriate changes, coordinating if required with French banks, notaires, avocats and accountants

If required we can also assist you with
- Identification of the administrative steps and forms
- Selection & implementation of investments
- Organisation of loans and mortgages

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